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Introduction of BC LOGISTICS S.R.O.

BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. was founded in 1998 with the aim to provide complex services for its main customer, Continental Barum spol. s r.o. In only a few years, the company became a dynamically developing entity which operates on the international market.

In 2000 a quality management system was implemented, and one year later the company received its ISO 9001 certification. In 2015 we obtained an ISO 14001 certificate.

BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. is based in Otrokovice and has branches in Olomouc and in Slovakia.


The goals of the company are economic success and the further development and growth of the company. Our long-term goal is continuous improvement of the overall performance of the company. Our success is based on responsibility, active approach and involvement and expertise of all our employees. A necessary aim is obtaining a key systems user at a higher level than that of our customers – expansion of IT services. The company is dependent on its customers, which is why we need to understand their current and future needs and strive to exceed their expectations.

The company plans to expand to new markets in Central and Eastern Europe and to offer logistics services using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as to expand current services provided to specific customers, e.g., not only storage services but also activities connected with the entry of materials, finished products and goods.


BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. plans to continue focusing on expanding and improving the quality of the comprehensive logistic services which it believes are crucial and intends to provide high-quality professional services to both current and new business partners.


What is the business vision of BC LOGISTICS?
This is a goal that we will strive to achieve in the upcoming 20 years. We are aware that we are more than just a transportation company, which is why our goal – our vision is to: Provide services that exceed all expectations.


Thanks to its continuous development, the company also expanded its services through further business activities and since 2005 it forms a concern that consists of:

  • BC LOGISTICS s.r.o.
  • BC LOGISTICS, s.r.o. (Trnava, SK)


  1. We care about people

    We carefully listen to the needs of our customers. We implement solutions quickly and exceed our customers’ expectations. We are the key to success, we do everything with our customer in mind.

  2. We welcome new ideas and are not afraid of change

    We welcome new ideas and are not afraid of change. We strive to provide better services in order to achieve efficiency. We openly welcome changes for the better.

  3. We strive for perfection at all levels

    We are experts in what we do. We work as a team. Every detail counts.

  4. We keep profits in mind

    We spend money cautiously and keep our expenses under control. We organize our work efficiently. We are aware of the costs.

  5. We transform ideas into reality

    We meet our obligations. We support all ideas and efforts. We take initiative - we want to be one step ahead!

  6. We invest into the future of next generations

    We support education at all levels. We promote environment-friendly behaviour in our everyday life.