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Introduction of BC LOGISTICS S.R.O.

BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. was founded in 1998 with the aim to provide complex services for its main customer, Barum Continental spol. s.r.o. It currently forms part of a family-run holding.

In 2000 a quality management system was implemented, and one year later the company received its ISO 9001 certification. In 2015 we were also awarded an ISO 14001 certificate.

BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. is based in Otrokovice and has branches in Olomouc and in Trnava, Slovakia. The company offers 2 main types of services, specifically storage services and haulage services. Most employees work in storage, yet most of our income comes from haulage. The company employs a total of 350 employees at various positions within the holding structure.



BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. provides logistics services in its own warehouses and also via outsourcing. It currently operates 160,000 m2 of roofed warehouse and 9,000 m2 of open storage areas for its customers. It performs operations related to storage and distribution (recording, cross-docking, repacking, labelling, loading / unloading, checking of goods, advance notice, etc.)

On average, it handles the preparation and loading of 95 trucks every day. It uses handling technology by Hyster and Toyota. As an associated activity, it offers completion of tires, changing and balancing of truck tires. The company's priorities include ensuring that its employees are meticulous when handling the goods of customers, keeping detailed records of consignments in warehouses, and providing information to customers about the status of their warehouse stocks. Its biggest customers include Continental Barum s.r.o., Mitas a.s. and Rubena a.s.

  • ensuring the storage in public and customs warehouses, either owned by the company or via outsourcing (ensuring the warehousing activities and warehouse management in the customer’s warehouses)
  • receiving and issuing the goods is carried out in a manner which best suits the customer’s needs
  • operations related to storage and distribution (record-keeping, cross-docking, repacking, labelling, loading and unloading, preparation and inspection of goods before dispatch, advance notice etc.)
  • installation and balancing of truck tires
  • high-quality handling technology with a capacity of 1 to 3 tons
  • ensuring the distribution of goods
  • 1-3 shift operation
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BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. owns transport technology represented by Renault T480 and Scania R450 trucks. The vehicles are in an excellent technical condition thanks to the regular renewal of the company fleet, along with regular service inspections in certified service shops. The company owns 100 vehicles and also uses additional vehicles based on contracts with subcontractors. It provides transportation all across the Czech Republic, including ADR goods (transportation of all classes of dangerous goods except for 1 and 7), but also in other EU countries (B, D, E, F, L, NL, P, PL, SK). In order to increase their professional level as well as the quality and safety of our services, drivers receive regular training in the area of traffic regulations, ADR (transportation of dangerous goods), occupational safety, intra-company standards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc. Drivers are equipped with mobile phones and GPS tracking devices. Liability insurance of the carrier is a matter of fact. Our most prominent customers include Continental Barum s.r.o. Otrokovice, GEFCO and YUSEN.

  • Our transportation and forwarding offices offer:
  • 100 vehicles as well as additional vehicles from subcontractors
  • export-import including ADR goods, mostly from/to the following countries - B, D, E, F, H, I, L, NL, P, PL, SK
  • providing domestic transportation all over the Czech Republic, including ADR goods
  • drivers are equipped with mobile phones which can be used all over Europe (100% of vehicles) and GPS tracking devices (100% of vehicles), allowing immediate communication when necessary
  • Renault, Volvo and Scania vehicles
  • ADR equipment for transport of dangerous goods of all classes except for class 1 and 7 (90% of vehicles)
  • our own certified safety consultant for the transportation of dangerous goods
  • loading area of 1 to 38 EUR pallets
  • semi-trailer and trailer systems with a cargo height of up to 3.00 m as per EN 12642 XL, including a DEKRA certificate for the transportation of freely placed tires
  • insurance of the carrier’s liability as per the CMR agreement up to CZK 13,000,000
  • insurance of the carrier’s liability for domestic cargo up to CZK 10,000,000


Within the provision of its services to partners BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. offers in addition to transportation, forwarding, customs declaration services and storage also highly specific operations with goods and consultations. This includes the creation and implementation of logistics projects, creation of warehouse plans, transfer of activities not related to production, ensuring the sale of unused property within the restructuring of a logistics chain, optimization of material flows, selection of suppliers in the logistics chain in order to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods and minimization of warehouse and manpower costs.



  • creation and implementation of logistics projects
  • transfer of activities not related to production
  • ensuring the sale of unused property within the restructuring of a logistics chain
  • restructuring of the logistics chain, optimization of flows from suppliers into the plant and from the plant to your customer
  • ensuring the selection of suppliers in the logistics chain so as to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods, thus minimizing storage and manpower costs
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Within the provision of its services to clients, BC LOGISTICS s.r.o. offers its clients and partners customs-declaration services, i.e., acts as a representative of the customer towards the customs office. We list Mitas a.s., G-servis and Estella as examples of companies which utilize our services in this area. The company also employs personnel who are regularly trained in the customs legislation and standards.

  • issue of JSD, JSDd, T2L, Carnet TIR, CMR
  • INTRASTAT - processing and sending of statistical reports about intracommunitary trade
  • simplified procedure for the e-export system
  • T1 declaration in the NCTS system
  • issue of EUR1, ATR documents for the origin of goods
  • provision of guarantees for approved joint transit mode
  • representation in customs proceedings (direct, indirect)
  • management of economical operation modes
  • ensuring the storage of goods at customs warehouses
  • clearing of the customer’s goods via simplified customs procedures, without the direct involvement of a customs official
  • individual approach to each and every customer
  • professionalism of our customs declaration operators
  • comprehensive services, including document archiving
  • issuing of CMR documents
Servis vozidel


The BCL service centre currently offers modern technical facilities and quality staffing by experienced employees. Our team of people is regularly trained and retrained in accordance with the latest methods. In our service centre, you’ll find four parking spaces with channels underneath them. We offer repairs of cargo vehicles, vans, and all trailers and semi-trailers. We have extensive experience in the settlement of insured events for all insurance companies.

  • post-warranty service of all cargo and utility vehicles
  • PANAV warranty repairs
  • post-warranty service of all trailer and semi-trailer technology
  • preventive inspections of all types of technology
  • regular post-warranty maintenance of all vehicles
  • tachograph calibration
  • preparation of vehicles for technical inspection, emission measurement and performance of technical inspections
  • superstructure service and repairs
  • tarpaulin service and repairs
  • WEBASTO independent heating service
  • service of air conditioning systems in cargo and utility vehicles
  • measurement of geometry on cargo and utility vehicles
  • brake repairs and measurement in the cylinder testing room
  • body and paintwork repairs
  • BPW, SAF and Mercedes axle service and repairs
  • satellite vehicle tracking device installation
  • tyre service
  • windscreen repair and replacement




Moravní 1636, 765 02 Otrokovice, Czech Republic